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Planting onions in North Texas

January 25, 2021

It’s late January in North Texas, and that means it’s time to plant your onions. Check out our video below or scroll down to read. Onions are Easy It’s late January in North Texas, and that means it’s time to plant your onions. Here in Collin County, these will go in the ground late January […]

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Square Foot Gardening at Shades of Green

February 25, 2020

Welcome to Our Garden Shades of Green has our own vegetable garden where we grow fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. The design is based on the principles of Square Foot Gardening as created by Mel Bartholomew. Square Foot Gardening is one of the easiest and most productive gardening systems ever invented, requiring a fraction of […]

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Recharge Your Soil

September 2, 2019

Better Soil Nutrition = Stronger Growth = Improved Quality Recharge is magic for your soil. It’s a natural soil conditioner, replacing the need to apply tons of compost to achieve organic matter and microbes in the soil. The powder is mixed with water creating a dark brown coffee color. A little goes a long way, […]

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Top 4 Lawn Products for North Texas

August 31, 2019

A little work now means fewer weeds later It’s time to treat your lawn. Again. Yes, I know it feels like you just did that back in the spring, maybe even gave it a bit of fertilizer in mid-summer, but now fall is approaching, so prep your spreader and go forth! Why? Because a little […]

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Our New Vegetable Garden

March 15, 2019

We recently renovated and completely overhauled the vegetable garden at Shades of Green. Why? Because the old version, call it staff-veggie-garden-1.0, just wasn’t working. Since the mistakes that were made are the same mistakes I’ve seen other new gardeners make, they’re worth pointing out. First, the beds were too wide. A raised bed vegetable garden […]

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How to Grow Fruit Trees Successfully

January 2, 2019

Tips for a fruitful harvest under Collin County conditions Fruit. Everybody loves fruit. It just seems so difficult to grow your own. It’s really not. It will require a little homework though. To start with, fruit trees need “chilling hours,” which are hours under 45 degrees. Since we live in Texas, some fruit trees don’t […]

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Shades of Green wants you to succeed at gardening in North Texas. Our blog is one of the many places we share our knowledge and expertise with our great customers. If you have any plant related questions, please contact us. We’re always happy to help.