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Native Plant PDFs

We’re often asked, “What plants are native?” That’s a hard question to answer because Texas is a huge state, with a LOT of native plants. Even if we narrow it down a bit, to just our little part of the Lone Star State, it’s still a long list. Collin County is part of the Blackland Prairie ecoregion, known for it’s heavy clay soils and open grassland (though not so open anymore). If you’d like to know what’s native to here, click here to see all 2,375 plants!

We have several links on our Resources page.  But if you’re looking for some handy reference guides to native plants for Collin County that you can hold in your hand, here’s a list of PDFs you can download and print.

A Beginner’s List of Native Plants for Landscape Use in Dallas and Fort Worth from the Collin County Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas.

Top 10 Native Perennials for Butterflies

Top 10 Perennials for Hummingbirds

50 Rabbit Resistant Perennials for North Texas

Shades of Green’s list of Best Native Perennials for Shade

Shades of Green’s list of Best Native Perennials for Sun

Shades of Green’s reference guide for Pruning Perennials