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Gardening During Quarantine

Now that most of us are on lockdown, we need a way to entertain ourselves. Sometimes starting a small garden could provide for that void that may happen. Occupying ourselves…

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Spring Garden

Now that we are over with the times of the brown gardens and other damaged plants, we can start anew. Getting your garden going now will lead to having want…

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Planting Your Vegetable Garden

Planting Your Vegetable Garden Spring is coming up soon. It’s time to start planning your garden. Planting your vegetable garden in North Texas is not a difficult task and we…

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Square Foot Gardening at Shades of Green

Welcome to Our Garden Shades of Green has our own vegetable garden where we grow fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. The design is based on the principles of Square Foot…

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Gardening New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. Gardening should be a part of your New Year’s resolutions. We can help you out with some ideas to get you started. Native Plants…

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Our New Vegetable Garden

We recently renovated and completely overhauled the vegetable garden at Shades of Green. Why? Because the old version, call it staff-veggie-garden-1.0, just wasn’t working. Since the mistakes that were made…

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