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Are you looking for tips on general care and maintenance of your landscaping? We hope these articles help. Below you will find information on everything from a summer survival guide for trees to a Texas gardening guide for vegetables. No matter if you are an experienced gardener looking for tips or you are new to gardening and looking for more in depth guides of what grows best in our Texas climate, we have the right articles for you.

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Shades of Green’s Top Plant Picks

These plants are proven to perform in Colin County and North Texas. They can take the heat, survive our winters (and summers), and come back year after year. Click on the links for a PDF you can print or save for future use.

Top Grasses We Recommend
Our recommendations for ornamental grasses that are successful in our area. Listed by height, shortest to tallest.

Top Ten Native Plants To Attract Butterflies
Love butterflies? Lure them to your garden with some of our favorite native plants : Blackfoot Daisy, Verbena, Orange Milkweed, Purple Coneflower, Zexmenia, Yarrow, Hardy Blue Aster, Gregg’s Mistflower, Texas Lantana, and Black-Eyed Susans.

Top Ten Native Plants To Attract Hummingbirds
You can create a popular hummingbird buffet spot with many types of native plants. Learn about Coral Bells, Pink Skullcap, Autumn Sage, Texas Betony, Mealy Blue Sage, Hummingbird Mint, Whirling Butterflies, Hummingbird Bush, Turk’s Cap, and Standing Cypress.

Our Picks for Best Native Perennials For Shade
Got a shady spot? Here are some sure bets to add color and interest. Learn about Dwarf Katie Ruellia, Spiderwort, Grounsel, Fragrant Phlox, Pigeonberry, Texas Betony, Zexmenia, Sea Oats, and Columbine.

Our Picks for Best Native Perennials For Sun
Learn about our favorite perennials that LOVE the Texas sun. This list describes Winecup, Blackfoot Daisy, Sundrops, Mexican Feather Grass, Whirling Butterflies, Purple Coneflower, Autumn Sage, Brown-Eyed Susan, Lantana, and Flame Acanthus.

Texas Native Plants List
We’ve linked to many on-line databases on our Resources page, but if you just want a 4-page list of Texas Native Plants this is the file to download.

Tips, Tricks, and Helpful Hints from Shades of Green

Use these tips and helpful hints from our experienced professionals to make your lawn and landscaping efforts more successful. Click on the links for a PDF you can print or save for future use.

Introduction to Square Foot Gardening
This 2-page flier introduces the basic concepts of Square Foot Gardening, one of the easiest and most productive ways to grow vegetables.

Organic Gardening 101 & Calendar
Learn the basics on organic products, their application and benefits. Included is a handy calendar to guide you on when to apply what and why.

Monthly Gardening Calendar
This is a must have for organic gardening. This calendar details month-by-month what you should be doing in your garden and lawn.

Organic Lawn Care
Learn how to make your lawn beautiful, safe, and strong the natural and organic way.

How & When To Prune Perennials
This handy guide will take the mystery out of when and how to prune your perennials.

How To Fertilize Your Tree
Get the most growth from your trees while making them healthy and strong.

How To Plant Container Trees
Guidelines on planting a container grown tree.

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening For Small Spaces
Did you know that research shows that kids will not only eat but love any vegetable that they have grown? We know this works for husbands too! Tips for building a raised bed vegetable garden producing a great harvest in a small space.

Survive & Thrive – How to water during drought!
How to help your trees not only survive the challenge of drought and watering restrictions but actually grow and thrive.

Summer Survival Tips For Trees
How to help your trees make it through the Texas summer with flying colors.

Tree Guarantee & Maintenance Information For New Landscapes
Our tree guarantee and must-read information on caring for your new landscape.

Maintenance Of New Landscapes
Details on how to care for your new landscape, including watering by hand, using your sprinkler system, fertilization, weeding, and other tasks.

Vegetable Gardening Guide
Here’s a guide on Texas vegetable gardening. It provides a list of cool-season vegetables and warm-season vegetables for our area and the best time to plant and sow seeds.

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