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Brillo Verde Tree Farm

Brillo Verde Tree Farm

Brillo Verde is the tree farm – and source of most of the trees and plants – for Shades of Green. It’s located in Collinsville, Texas and ships off plants ready to sell through the Shades of Green retail store in Frisco. Shades of Green management will come by and let Brillo Verde know which plants they want to bring in within the next couple days to be sold.

Trees are a little tricker, because just like plants, they have their own growth rate, except it can be years after planting when they are ready for sale. Sometimes it is difficult for nurseries when selling trees because you can’t exactly predict what customers are going to be looking for five years down the road.

Beautiful perennials ready for delivery to Shades of Green Garden Center in Frisco.


One of the many open greenhouses with 1-gallon perennials.


Trees that will be packaged via Ball & Burlap and sold at Shades of Green. Ball and Burlap is when the rootball of the tree is wrapped in a burlap sack to be placed in the ground somewhere else. Their roots can be protected but also become accustomed to the new soil they’re being planted in.


Trees sold in 15 or 30 gallon buckets through Shades of Green. Most of these will be ready in about one to three years.


Propagating sedum via plugs.


Another load of plants leaves Brillo Verde headed to Shades of Green.

About the AuthorAshley Madden is a Bachelor of Science horticulture major and communication minor at Texas A&M University in College Station and recently completed a 6-week internship at Shades of Green. The photo essay above is from her blog Between the Green, and is republished here with her permission.