Why Choose a Local Nursery

Why Choose a Local Nursery

There are many advantages to choosing a local nursery for your gardening needs. A local staff has all of the knowledge that you need to have a successful garden with native plants.

  • Knowledge of Native Plants
  • Aware of the Local Climate
  • How to Care for Your Plants
  • Supporting Local Business

Knowledge of Native Plants

No one knows the native plant life like your local gardener. They are well informed and know what plants can be planted with each other and which ones complement each other. Helping you figure out what type of plants you are looking for. Maybe you are looking to attract different types of butterflies or even the different kinds of birds you want to have in your garden.

Aware of the Local Climate

Local gardeners are able to keep you informed as to what time to plant which types of plants. Plants that need a lot of sunlight should not be planted during the rainy season.

Care of the Plants

For the most part, local nurseries’ employees care more about their neighbors and are more willing to help out with much needed advice especially for new gardeners. Not only do they care about your garden, but they also care about beautifying the local neighborhood.

You will also be assisted with what type of pruning and watering schedule you need to do to take care of the plants.

Buy Local

By buying local, you support the local community. This is crucial for small businesses. Plus you are keeping your money in your neighborhood which helps fuel the local economy.

Plus most local nurseries grow all of their own plants. This gives them an advantage over big box stores which more often than not get them shipped in. Most likely their plants are also more robust than from other stores.

Shades of Green can get your garden going with our knowledge of native Texan plants. We are a family owned and operated nursery located on seven acres. Call or contact our knowledgeable staff to help you out. We are always more than happy with any gardening advice to share with our fellow Texans.

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