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Tips & Tricks For A Better Lawn

Lawn Care

Lawn care is something that can be over looked at times. Sure you may water and mow, but that is just scratching the surface. Here is some friendly information that can help your yard look that much better.

Grass Cycling

A simple and easy method of making your grass stronger, just raise your mower setting and mow more frequently leaving the grass clippings on your lawn. By mowing high, you will expose more leaf surface area to the sun, and the taller grass blades will shade weed seeds, preventing them from germinating. Letting grass grow too tall causes excess grass clippings that smother the turf and take a long time to break down. For example, if you set your cutting height at 2 inches, then cut before the grass is more than 3 inches tall. Grass clippings are a great source of organic material (nitrogen mainly) and as they break down provide valuable nutrients to your lawn making turf greener and tougher. Also will prevent common turf diseases like thatch, cuts down on watering needs, and eliminates disposal of grass clippings and leaves. By following the one-third rule your clippings will be small enough to leave on your lawn without the concern of smothering your grass.


Occasional fertilizing will always be necessary when cultivating your yard. Garden-Ville’s NitroGem (7-2-2), or Microlife Brown Patch(5-1-3) for St. Augustine lawns applied at the recommended rate, will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs. Real Growers Recharge, molasses, and diatomaceous earth are also great options for use on your turf grass and will build up the organic matter in your soil. Recharge will make more nutrition available to the plants root system for faster and stronger grow rate. Molasses feeds the microbes in the soil, while diatomaceous earth will help prevent pest problems.


Jarratt Calvert is the Operations Manager at Shades of Green and a Certified Nursery Professional.