Jarratt Calvert

  • (972) 335-9095
  • jarratt@shadesofgreeninc.com

Jarratt Calvert

Operations Manager

  • Texas Certified Nursery Professional

Jarratt became involved the nursery & landscaping industry by marrying into it. In April 2015, he wed Rebecca McCauley, daughter of Shades of Green owner Jeff McCauley. As Operations Manager, he oversees all aspects of day-to-day operations, the behind-the-scenes stuff that ensures the whole business runs smoothly. He is passionate about customer service and making sure customers’ needs are priority number one. Being raised in a family of farmers, Jarratt learned from an early age the importance of agriculture. He sees Shades of Green as an excellent means of sharing this knowledge with others. As such, he’s become the public face of the company, speaking at events all over Collin County to spread the message about native Texas perennials and their value in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

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