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Attracting Monarch Butterflies

Gardens serve many purposes in our everyday lives. Some gardens are just for aesthetics or to fill in empty space, while others are used to attract wildlife and insects. Attracting butterflies and other wildlife always performs better when it is properly planned out with the correct plants.

Choosing the right plants all depends on the butterflies you are looking to attract. Of course, the adult butterfly needs food, but also so does the larvae. Usually, the larvae does not eat the same food that an adult would eat. Food for the larvae also increases the chances for further production of the species.

Host Plants

Host plants are pretty much everything in the butterfly world. The nectar provides food for the adults and will attract them. But they will not stay if there are no host plants for the larvae to eat. Having as many host plants as possible is one of the ways to start and keep a butterfly garden going.

Monarch Butterfly

The state insect of Texas is the Monarch butterfly. Although they hibernate in Mexico, in spring they start to migrate to Canada populating along the way. Monarchs feed on milkweed which helps deter predators. This is because the milkweed plant has a form of poison that makes the butterflies taste bad to critters and birds.

Common Plants for Butterflies in Texas

As mentioned before, the milkweed is one of the best for attracting Monarch butterflies. Here are some of the more attractive plants for attracting butterflies.

  • Aster
  • Joe-Pye Weed
  • Goldenrod
  • Liatris
  • Phlox
  • Sunflower

All of these plants are native to Texas. This makes them great to plant to attract butterflies and being native they are easier to grow and with less maintenance.

Planting Native Plants

Native plants have many benefits besides just easy to care for. They are less invasive than plants that are not from the specific region that they are planted. Attracting local wildlife also helps with maintaining the natural Texas environment that we all love.

These are just some of the common plants for butterflies, especially when you are looking to attract the Monarch butterfly. Shades of Green garden center can help you find the right plants for what kind of wildlife you are looking to attract. Come on by and let us show you all of the many options that you have to make your perfect garden.