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Planted & Guaranteed Trees from Shades of Green

At Shades of Green we offer tree installation services, our trees that come in sizes 15 gallons or larger may be purchased as cash & carry (C&C) or planted & guaranteed (P&G). Cash and carry means that you’ll do the digging and planting yourself. If you opt to have us do the work (P&G), we’ll not only plant it, but guarantee it for one full year. If it’s a large tree, we strongly suggest letting us handle everything.

Large trees are remarkably heavy things, yet the roots that carry essential water and nutrients are near the edges of the root ball and are incredibly tiny. Dropping or rough handling a heavy tree can sever these delicate roots causing tree stress. Careful handling and proper planting techniques are critical to tree survival and success. Our experienced tree planting crew has the knowledge and tools to do the job correctly, ensuring your new tree has the best chance at becoming a centerpiece of your landscape.

What to Expect with Shades of Green’s Tree Planting Service

  • At the time of purchase, we will give you an estimated time frame for planting. Weather permitting, you can expect your tree to be planted on that date. Planting times (morning or afternoon) can be scheduled when most convenient for you.
  • You don’t have to be home on planting day unless you wish to be.
    We’ll provide a stake to mark where you’d like the tree planted.
  • During the spring and fall months expect 2-4 weeks from the time of purchase to planting (weather permitting).
  • We know schedules can change, so we’ll call a few days before the scheduled planting to check in. If it’s not a good time, we can reschedule.
  • When your tree planting appointment arrives, our crew will plant, water in, and (if needed) stake your tree, then clean up the area.
  • So there are no surprises for either of us, please notify us ahead of time of special circumstances, such as difficult or narrow access, dogs, other work ongoing, etc. This allows us to bring any additional tools or equipment needed.
  • If we need to remove an existing tree (dead or alive), we need to know this upfront as additional charges may apply for this service.

Please note that Shades of Green is not responsible for breakage of undisclosed pipes, cables, and wires. For plantings of all material larger than 15 gallons, we suggest contacting Texas811 with 48 hours’ notice, and they will mark your utility lines at no charge to you. Sprinkler system components can only be located via your sprinkler plan or digging. We make every effort to work around phone lines and sprinkler systems, but sometimes a break occurs. Most sprinkler problems can be repaired on the spot, and we will call the proper companies to have phone lines, etc. repaired as soon as possible.

Please see our Tree Guarantee document for further details.

If you have questions, please contact us.

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