Spring Garden

Now that we are over with the times of the brown gardens and other damaged plants, we can start anew. Getting your garden going now will lead to having want what you are looking for.

It doesn’t matter if you are just looking to beautify your home or have a vegetable garden (that you can actually consume).

Now is the time to start to think about what you are looking to plant. Planning ahead is always the best thing to do. Remember, the best thing to do is ask your local gardener.


, Of course, we all know that the soil you plant in will depend on the production of the seeds. The soil is always prepared ahead of time, before planting. Depending on what you a going to be planting, you would have to take into consideration what you will be planting.

Plan Ahead

Getting everything together to start back up your garden is key. Like everything else, put your ducks in order. Prep your soil for what you are looking to plant. Plants are plants, but like us, we all have different tastes. Different treatments are combinations of fertilizers are needed.

Start Small

Everyone wants to have the huge, beautiful garden. Remember you don’t need a mowing headache in the end. If you don’t already have prepared, it’s best to start in smaller pots. This way you can start them off with good soil to begin with.

Starting in an almost perfect environment will help the seedlings grow faster. The soil can always be transferred to where they will make themselves home. This helps them adapt to their new environment and give them better chances to survive.


Flowers started in small pots make perfect accents for decoration. When they start to bloom later on it can accentuate the curb appeal of your home. Planted in front or even hanging from the porch will always start some small envy with your neighbors.

No Need for Seeds

Shades of Green has tons of plants to give you the jump start you need. Flowers to vegetables to fruits and more, we have what you need to get started.

Come on by and see our massive selection of different ideas for your new spring garden in Frisco.  Our experts can walk you through the whole process and get your garden to where you want it to be.

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