Square Foot Gardening

Saturday, March 16 @ 2pm

Join us for this free clinic and learn about one of the easiest methods of vegetable gardening ever invented! Compared to a conventional single-row garden, a Square Foot Garden can grow…

  • 100% of the harvest for only…
  • 50% of the cost in only…
  • 20% of the space using only…
  • 10% of the water with…
  • 5% of the seeds and…
  • 2% of the work and…
  • 0% of the weeds (almost)

The problem with traditional row gardening is that it…

  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Is often far from the house
  • Takes a lot of water
  • Requires tilling, amending, and fertilizing ( every year!)
  • Weeds, weeds, & more weeds
  • Produces too much all at once
  • Is very inefficient, and is a LOT of work!

It doesn’t have to be this way. Square Foot Gardening eliminates all the problems of traditional row gardening and allows one to grow more in less space with FAR less work. It has been proven over and over again in gardens all over the United States and around the world.

What We’ll Cover

  • The basic principals of Square Foot Gardening – Direction, Boxes, Soil, Depth, Fertilizer, Location, Grids, and more.
  • What to plant when
  • What tools you’ll need
  • Resources to answer your questions
  • How to grow vegetables year-round

The clinic – held rain or shine – is free and begins at 10 am under the twin pecan trees. (We will move indoors during poor weather.) You’ll receive 30-45 minutes of quality instruction from one of our professional staff followed by an opportunity to ask questions.


This free clinic will be taught by Shades of Green staff members Tim Wardell and Elizabeth Zoll. Tim is a Certified Square Foot Gardening Instructor who built his first square foot garden almost 10 years ago. Elizabeth is in the process of obtaining her SFG Instructor certification. Together, they’ll explain the process and provide the information you need to succeed at creating a square foot garden of your very own.