Fall Lawn Treatment

Saturday, September 7 @ 10-11am

Come join our very own lawn expert, Robin Roberts, as he teaches everything you need to know to prepare your lawn for winter and get a jump on the weeds next spring! This is a FREE gardening clinic, where you will learn all about fall lawn treatments – learning which pre-emergents to use, what fertilizers to apply, and when. We’ll also discuss common insect problems and solutions.

Whether you want to use organic products or chemical treatments, we’ve got you covered. We’ll examine both options and tell you the pros & cons of each.

What We’ll Cover:

  • What does your lawn need this time of year & Why does it need it
  • When does it need it & How to apply it
  • Organic vs. Non-organic products for lawn care
  • How little effort now can prevent weeds in spring

The clinic – held rain or shine – is free and begins at 10 am. (We will move indoors during poor weather.) You’ll receive 30-45 minutes of quality instruction from our professional staff followed by an opportunity to ask questions.

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