Landscaping Consultations

Cost effective landscaping consultations with Shades of Green

If you’re a “do-it-yourself” type and don’t need or want a full landscape design and installation, consider a landscaping consultation with one of our experienced and certified nursery professionals.

Maybe you love getting your hands in the dirt and your garden is a labor of love, but you lack the knowledge necessary to tackle the entire project. Or perhaps your budget simply demands that you provide the labor. Whatever the reason, our landscape consultations provide the opportunity to get advice and design ideas without breaking the bank. For a fee of $75, you can schedule a 45 minute session with our knowledgeable and qualified designers.

What you’ll need to bring

  • Photos of the site. Print outs on 8.5 x 11 paper are best, but we can work off of tablets if necessary. (Sorry, but we’ve found that smart phone screens are just too small.)
  • Drawings with dimensions. A copy of your plot plan is great if you have it. If not, a drawing of the area somewhat to scale will suffice.
  • Directions. Not to your house, but which direction your site is facing. There’s a big difference between planning a shady yard facing north and a full-sun flower bed facing south.
  • Your goals for the space. What are your needs? What type of look are you going for? What issues do you have with the plants that are already there?

Our staff can help you choose the general look for your landscape, provide design advice, explain soil and bed prep needs, and suggest plants that will achieve the look you want while minimizing your ongoing maintenance chores.

We will be happy to quote you a price for materials and installation if you’d like.

Appointments are scheduled weekdays between 9am and 3pm.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

For larger projects, we suggest our landscape design service. This is best when tackling an entire yard-sized project, as it saves both time and money.

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