Month: July 2019

Plant Profile: Bee Balm

Attract Bees to Your North Texas Garden with Peter’s Purple Bee Balm Any cultivar of Bee Balm is an excellent choice for attracting bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to your yard.…

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Plant Profile: Texas Star Hibiscus

Texas Star Hibiscus Provides Hardy Tropical Flair For many in North Texas, tropical hibiscus are the go-to plant for a splash of summer color, and it’s easy to understand why.…

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Brillo Verde Tree Farm

Brillo Verde Tree Farm Brillo Verde is the tree farm – and source of most of the trees and plants – for Shades of Green. It’s located in Collinsville, Texas…

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Remembering Brice

Remembering Brice Creelman Brice Creelman 1956-2019 We here at Shades of Green are saddened by the loss of our long-time colleague Brice Creelman, who passed away peacefully at home on…

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