Year: 2018

Tips & Tricks For A Better Lawn

Lawn Care Lawn care is something that can be over looked at times. Sure you may water and mow, but that is just scratching the surface. Here is some friendly…

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Home Made Plum Jelly

What to do with all those Plums How’s your fruit tree looking? A couple of weeks ago, my parents were up to their ears in red plums. We decided that…

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“So I’ve got a lot of shade…”

Some of my favorite picks for those shady areas If I had a nickel. This is a common conversation starter when a customer comes into the garden center looking for…

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What are the Best Plants for Butterflies?

A Brief Guide to Getting a Garden of Butterflies What are the best plants for butterflies? That’s a common question at the garden center this time of year, often triggered…

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